Adjacent to: Occlusion Harbor, Amethyst Valley

Tress's Forest is a large

Berry Patch Arena Edit

This arena features a variety of berries available for picking, 1-3 of each.

Item Cost Description
Epsom Berry $50 Cures sleep.
Freedom Berry $50 Cures trapped.
Nerve Berry $50 Cures stun.
Dope Slap Berry $50 Cures compulsion.
Vision Berry $50 Cures blinded.
Soothe Berry $50 Cures repeating damage.
Slippery Berry $50 Gets the eater out of a pin.
Shadow Berry $50 Removes identified or grants sneaking.

But before players can come in and pick them, there's a fight to be had.

The Terrain Edit

The berry patch has thorn bushes that are poison-type terrain and deal 20 repeating damage to any Pokemon not strong against poison, harsh against those weak against poison. There are also bushes that grant bug types sneaking if they end their turn there. The big feature is a heart berry tree in the middle that heals 30 health per turn to anyone in it. Flying types ignore terrain and thus do not benefit from this.

The Challengers Edit











The Beedrill Hive (Dungeon) Edit

More on this later.

Revisit Edit

This forest is watched over by Celebi.