Adjacent to: Citrine City, Fireopal Ghost Town, Dashing Rapids

General Desert Edit

There are a surprising number of Pokemon in the desert, usually of weak challenge rating.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-3 Charmander
4-6 Sandshrew
7-8 Ponyta
9-10 Tauros
11 Miltank
12-13 Vulpix
14-15 Ekans
16-17 Growlithe
18-19 Gligar
19-20 Natu

The Oasis Edit

This is an arena and also has encounters. They are all average challenge rating.



1-3 Magikarp
4-5 Exeggcute
6-7 Exeggutor
8-10 Wooper
11-12 Squirtle
13 Wartortle
14-15 Oddish
16-17 Spearow
18 Fearow
19-20 Poliwag

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