What would Team Rocket be without their pun names, like Jesse and James, or Butch and Cassidy? We have here some more sets of puns based on famous criminals. You can use pairs or sets of three, or you can combine them for groups of four or more.

  1. Bonnie, Clyde
  2. Francis, Drake
  3. Henry, Morgan
  4. Frank, James
  5. Martha, Stuart
  6. Paul, Kelly
  7. Guy, Fox
  8. Ma, Belle
  9. Ned, Kelly
  10. George, Kelly
  11. Black, Bart
  12. Billy, Kid
  13. Michael, Vicky
  14. Lizzie, Borden, Axe
  15. Benny, Dick, Arnold
  16. Vlad, Amir, Puddin'
  17. Al, Cap, Owen
  18. Anne, Bonnie, Mary, Reed, Calico, Jack
  19. Lucky, Lucy, Anno (Anno is a boy's name)
  20. Lee, Harvey, Oswald
  21. John, Dill, Ginger
  22. James, Earl, Ray
  23. Richard, Nick, Sonny

Undercover Operatives Edit

If you want to have police officers infiltrating Team Rocket, consider the following:

  1. Martin, Luther, King, Junior
  2. Edward, Snow, Dennis