Award Edit

Best Pirate Accent

Avast! If ye be talkin' with a piratey accent ye be winnin' this award, Matey!

Dramatis Personae Edit

Role 1

Pirate Captain

The villain of the piece.

Suggested Names: Captain Bart, Captain Bonnie, Lady Darkness

Pirate Costume: The wearer's secondary type is now dark.

Cutlas: Normal melee attacks become steel type.

Role 2


A dashing and heroic fighter.

Suggested Names: William, Jack, Molly

Sailor Outfit: +1 move in water.

Cutlas: Normal melee attacks become steel type.

Role 3 Edit


Skilled in medicine.

Suggested Names: Nurse Jubilation, Doc White, Bonesaw Higgins

Doc’s Outfit: Character has +50 HP.

Medicine Kit: All healing moves heal an extra 30 HP.

Role 4 Edit

Pirate Crew

All 6 of the trainer's Pokemon, as a pirate crew.

Suggested Names: The Crew, Smelly, First Mate

6x Pirate Costume: Wearer is now the dark type.

Eyepatch: Wearer rugged appearance makes is use dark moves as if it were the dark type.

Hook Hand: Whenever a melee attack rolls doubles but does not crit, the target is pinned for 30 damage if the attack hits.

Stuffed Chatot: Worn on the shoulder, wearer can use flying moves as if it were a flying type.

Cutlas: Normal melee attacks become steel type.

Pistol: Normal ranged attacks become the steel type.

Blunderbuss: Ranged attacks that would affect one space now affect all adjacent spaces.

Role 5 Edit


Didn’t pay their fare.

Suggested Names: Jimmy, Trixie, Steve

Filthy Rags: Wearer’s secondary type is changed to poison.

Flare Gun: Normal ranged attacks become the fire type.

Role 6 Edit


Paid their fare.

Suggested Names: Lady Harrington, Sandra, Aubilene

Fancy Dress: Wearer’s secondary type is changed to fairy.

Parasol: Immune to weather effects.

Other Props

Treasure Chest: Receive double money from payday.

The Script Edit

Act One Edit

Scenery: A Ship Lost at Sea

Start aboard a merchant ship that is lost and things look bad. Supplies are running low and the ship was damaged by a recent storm or something. The SWORDSMAN, DOCTOR, STOWAWAY, and PASSENGER are aboard. What do they do? The scene ends when a pirate ship arrives with the PIRATE CAPTAIN and PIRATE CREW on it. They board the merchant ship and seize it, taking the other 4 as prisoners.

Act Two Edit

Scenery: The Pirate Ship

The PIRATES put their prisoners in the brig. The PIRATE CAPTAIN and PIRATE CREW discuss the perils of the island they are going to, and the glories of the treasure to be found there. The prisoners plan a daring escape. The scene ends when the prisoners escape, or get caught trying to escape.

Act Three Edit

Scenery: The Island

Everyone is aboard the island, and the prisoners either escaped to the only nearby land or were dragged along. Everyone explores the island, encountering several perils. Finally, they reach the shrine.

Act Four Edit

Scenery: The Shrine

Director's Notes Edit