The Niantic is a massive luxury airship that carries passengers on a cruise around the Pensino region. Tourists love it for the chance to see the entirety of Pensino and visit its greatest sites. Pokemon trainers get the chance to catch rare Pokemon in remote regions without having to spend months roughing it in the wild.

The Niantic has airship docks in Citrine City and Diamond City, but it travels around the entire region, usually on a week-long route.

Locations Edit

Stratosphere Arena Edit

This arena is built on top of the Niantic, and is a place for passengers to hone their battling skills or watch live battles among some of the best trainers in the world.

Champion's Lounge Edit

Trainers who claim victory in the Stratosphere Arena get control of the champion's lounge. This 1200 square foot area is rather small, but this is a coveted arena to win nonetheless. Champions can run their own perpetual party with refreshments provided free of charge (excluding alcohol). There are small sleeping cabins in the back of the lounge, and champions are given free room and board as full passengers aboard the Niantic. This is the sort of life that attracts some of the best trainers from around the world for a shot at living a life as close to heaven as possible.

Falconer's Hutches Edit

While lifeboats are available to parachute people to the surface in case of an emergency. But the main way of getting passengers to and from the ground for day excursions when no dock is present is by Pokemon. The Niantic employs 12 falconers to fly to and from the ship carrying passengers and occasionally bits of cargo. They usually run Pidgeots or Fearows, and are formidable trainers in and of themselves having won the right to use HM Fly.

Falconers are trained in CPR, search and rescue, and a few other skills necessary to protect passengers who get into trouble on their excursions.