This page contains a list of sample tables for encounters divided up by habitat. These are designed to cover the majority of Pokemon, though they do not include fossil and legendary Pokemon, and a few others.

Tall Grass Edit

This is an area that holds a lot of Pokemon that make good starters.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-8 Eevee
9-12 Abra
13-16 Smeargle
17-20 Hoppip

Meadow Edit

A nice, sunny patch of ground, good for starting Pokemon.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Sentret
5-8 Ledyba
9-11 Sunkern
12-14 Oddish Belossom, not Vileplume, due to sun.
15-17 Mareep
18-20 Chikorita


This area has positive energies that attract fairy types.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Jigglypuff
5-8 Clefairy
9 Lickitung
10-12 Togetic
13-14 Butterfree
15-16 Wobbuffet
17-18 Chansey
20 Mr. Mime

Swamp Edit




1-3 Bellsprout
4-6 Venonat
7-8 Squirtle
9-10 Shuckle
11 Scyther
12-14 Poliwag
15-18 Totodile
19 Yanma
20 Gastly

Forest Edit

Trees everywhere, and among them birds and bugs.




1-2 Weedle
3 Kakuna
4-5 Caterpie
6 Metapod
7-9 Pineco
10-12 Hoothoot
13-15 Murkrow
16-18 Spinarak
18-19 Stantler
20 Sudowudo

Beach Edit

A nice, relaxing spot to catch some Pokemon enjoying the sun and spray.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-2 Exeggcute
3-5 Exeggutor
6-10 Aipom
11-15 Slowpoke
16-19 Staryu
20 Snorlax

Jungle Edit

Untamed rain forest where anything could be lurking.




1-4 Mankey
5-6 Tangela
7-8 Nidoran♂
9-10 Nidoran♀
11 Lickitung
12-14 Hypno
15-18 Bulbasaur
19 Pinsir
20 Heracross

Savannah Edit

These wild grasslands are home to high-speed Pokemon.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Ponyta
5-6 Kangaskhan
7 Tauros
8-9 Miltank
10 Girafarig
11-12 Doduo
13 Dodrio
14-16 Phanpy
17-18 Rhyhorn
19-20 Scyther

Urban Edit

These areas are common in and around where people show up.

City Edit

You'll probably tweak the city odds to reflect the character of the environment. For example Citrine City will have comparatively more Pikachu while Diamond City will have more Pidgey and even some Spearow.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Rattata
5-7 Pikachu
8-10 Pidgey
11-13 Growlithe
14-15 Snubbull
16-17 Houndour
18-19 Meowth
20 Mr. Mime

Graveyard Edit

Trainers who want to get the best Pokemon here would do well to come at night, if they dare.




1-4 Cubone
5 Marowak
6-9 Gastly
10 Haunter
11-13 Misdreavus
14-15 Houndour
16-17 Zubat
18-20 Murkrow


I don't have any good place to put fighting Pokemon.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Macchop
5-6 Machoke
7 Magby
8-9 Magmar
10 Elekid
11-12 Electabuzz
13-14 Heracross
15-17 Tyrogue
18 Hitmonchan
19 Hitmonlee
20 Hitmontop

Abandoned Factory Edit

This is for a place that's electrified but run down and polluted.




1-4 Voltorb
5 Electrode
6-10 Magnemite
11-13 Koffing
14-15 Electabuzz
16-18 Pikachu
19-20 Gastly

Rough Terrain Edit

These are areas of rock, sand, and usually heat.

Volcano Edit

These Pokemon will be found near volcanoes and magma pools.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Geodude
7-9 Charmander
10-12 Koffing
13-15 Cyndaquil
16-17 Slugma
18-19 Houndour
20 Magmar

Desert Edit

Harsh, sandy desert that is home to those Pokemon that enjoy the arid heat.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-3 Charmander
4-6 Sandshrew
7-8 Ponyta
9-10 Tauros
11 Miltank
12-13 Vulpix
14-15 Ekans
16-17 Growlithe
18-19 Gligar
19-20 Natu

Cliffs Edit

Sudowudo and Pineco were deleted. Maybe Larvitar

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-3 Geodude
4-5 Larvitar
6-7 Swinub
8-10 Spearow
11 Skarmory
12 Stantler
13-15 Teddiursa
16-17 Onix
18-20 Sneasel

Cave Edit

This tunnel is filled with Pokemon that thrive underground.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-8 Zubat
9-10 Larvitar
11-13 Paras
14-16 Diglett
17-18 Onix
19-20 Dunsparce

Water Edit

These pop up when fishing and surfing.

Salt Water Edit

The oceans are home to a variety of Pokemon that will likely be encountered often when surfing.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Magikarp
6-7 Staryu
8-9 Horsea
10 Seadra
11-12 Goldeen
13-14 Remoraid
15 Octillery
16-17 Chinchou
18-19 Corsola
20 Mantine

Fresh Water Edit

Rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds are all good places to find these fresh water Pokemon.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Magikarp
6-8 Squirtle
9 Yanma
10-12 Krabby
13-14 Wooper
15-17 Poliwag
18-19 Marill
20 Dratini

Polluted Water Edit

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Magikarp
6-8 Grimer
9-12 Qwilfish
13-18 Tentacool
19 Muk
20 Tentacruel

Mystic Pond Edit

This slowly swirling duck pond is home to peaceful Pokemon as it brings out their psychic potential.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Magikarp
6-10 Psyduck
11 Golduck
12-17 Slowpoke
18-19 Goldeen
20 Farfetch'd

Ice Water Edit

Mountaintop streams, frozen lakes, and frigid water near the poles are all places where these cold-tolerant Pokemon might live.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Magikarp
6-10 Seel
11-15 Shellder Holds a pearl worth $1,400.
16 Cloyster Holds a big pearl worth $3,750
17-18 Delibird Holds a random item as a present.
19 Jynx Rides a raft like a Viking war maiden.
20 Lapras

Sky Edit

These encounters take place in the skies and are not usually things the players will find walking around. The can occur whenever the players fly to a new location.

Togetic, Mantine

Rival Flocks Edit

A flock of Pidgey is fighting with a flock of Spearow. (Skarmory is on Spearow's side)

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Spearow
6-8 Fearow
9-10 Skarmory
11-15 Pidgey
16-18 Pidgeotto
19-20 Pidgeot

Brush Fire Edit

A wildfire is blazing across a patch of land, and those that can fly away are doing so.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-5 Natu
6-7 Xatu
8-13 Gligar
14-18 Koffing
19-20 Weezing

Balloons Edit

The winds are blowing Pokemon that drift on the breeze.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-6 Hoppip
7-8 Skipploom
9 Jumppluff
10-15 Jigglypuff
16 Wigglytuff
17-20 Spinarak Floating on a tuft of spider silk.

Bug Swarms Edit

The insect migrations begin, complete with predators chasing prey.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Butterfree
5-8 Beedrill
9-10 Scyther
11-15 Ledyba
16-17 Ledian
17-19 Yanma
20 Heracross

Night Flight Edit

To be used when the players are moving about at night.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-4 Murkrow
5-7 Zubat
8-9 Golbat
10 Crobat
11-15 Venomoth
16-19 Hoothoot
20 Noctowl


That's Odd Edit

So, that shouldn't be possible. Note, one and only one Farfetch'd will be in the skies.

Roll Pokemon Notes
1-10 Psyduck
11-12 Golduck
13-20 Porygon
N/A Farfetch'd

Dueling Dragons Edit

Instead of rolling for these Pokemon, only show one of each at maxed rating.

Roll Pokemon Notes
N/A Charizard
N/A Dragonite

Not Included Edit

There are no listings for legendaries such as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi. Fossil Pokemon such as Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omastar, and Aerodactyl are also not included.

Exceptions were also made for Porygon, Ditto and Unown, because we felt those were better as storyline-related encounters than just popping up any old place.