Adjacent to: Tress's Forest, Fabled Cliffs

Neverland Books (Gym) Edit

Sylvia’s gym opens on row after row of books. Many of them are fairy tales, but there are also romance novels, science fiction, fantasy, . None of them are non-fiction. The gym functions as something between a library and a bookstore. Anyone may come in and spend as much time as they want reading. Sylvia often lets children keep a favorite book, but adults have to pay if they want to take something home. Sylvia’s collection also includes children’s movies and videogames, which are sometimes being played. The lounge area is comfy with couches and pillows for easy reading, and there’s also a playplace and a toy area. It also features Wonderland Cafe. Pokémon

Wonderland Cafe (Shop) Edit

This bistro serves Alice-in-wonderland-themed drinks and snacks. Drinks restore 60 HP. Snacks can be held like berries and restore 1d60 HP. Both cost $100 each. Books are paid for here too. Linette runs the register here.

The Challenge Edit

Sylvia says that in order to face her each challenger must bring in a Pokemon that trusts them completely (i.e. has full friendship points).

The Battle Edit

Sylvia will realize the players are lower level than her and pick several of the kids she reads stories to so they can fight with her. Each kid gets one Pokemon at starter challenge rating. All Sylvia's Pokemon are at the average challenge rating. Sylvia will tell the players they only need to defeat her Pokemon to win the battle. She will field Pokemon equal to the number of players.

Gym Leader Sylvia Edit

Snubbull, Clefable, Jigglypuff, Togetic, Azumarill, Mr. Mime

Puck Edit


Ariel Edit


Fae Edit


Elvis Edit


Victory Edit

Upon winning Sylvia will give each player the Friendship badge. She also hands each of them a TM for Flash. To anyone who fainted none of the Pokemon from the children she gives a TM for Giant Slayer. Those who fainted a kid's Pokemon get Fairy Godmother or Friendship is Magic.

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